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Foods Links:

USDA Food Safety Education    (Web Site)

USDA Safe Food Handling Fact Sheets    (Web Site)

Communicable Disease Quick Facts (Web Site)

Food Borne Illness Chart (Web Site)

Federal Drug Administration (Web Site)

Food Protection - Indiana State Web site (Web Site)

Food Safety (Web Site)
Septic Links:

Onsite Sewage Systems Programs (Web Site)
General Links:

Indiana State Department of Health

Mold FAQ    (Web Site)

Breath Easy Mold Facts (Web Site)

Get-Rid-Of-Mold Facts (PDF File)
General Forms:

General concerns or recommendations to have reviewed by the Brown Co. Dept. of Health Board:
BCHD Recommendations Form

To Request Public Records from the Brown County Health Department:
Request for Public Records Form

For complaints regarding unsanitary conditions:
Complaint Investigation Report Form

For complaints against the health department and/or its employees:
Complaint Concerning Brown County Health Department
Miscellaneous Forms:

Tattoo Parlor and Body Piercing Ordinances of Brown County
Tattoo Parlor Ordinance